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We plant produce for food pantries. Farmer's market quality to the folks in our community who need it the most.

2023 Year-End Report

Seed2Need 2023 Year-End Report. Harvest totals from the 2023 season, as well as successes, new developments, and lessons learned this year.

Corrales Tomato Growers | Desert Broomrape in the Village

Seed2Need, a Corrales non-profit that grows tomatoes and other vegetables for donation to local food pantries, has encountered a parasitic weed with purple flowers that attaches itself to the roots of...

Seed Starting

Starting plants from seed is a great way to add diversity to your garden and save money doing it.

Heat Tolerant Tomato Varieties

A list of tomato varieties that do well in hot, dry climates, with details regarding production and size.

Testing Seed Germination

If your seed germination rate is less than 60%, consider purchasing new seeds or sowing additional seeds to compensate for the low rate.