Cultivating with Covid-19

Keeping up with the gardens and orchards is always challenging. However, this year, we have an unprecedented challenge out of the gate in the form of a contagious virus. On a positive note, covid-19 hasn’t deterred the project, though it has complicated the season so far. The complications associated with covid will likely continue.


We will be updating this post with additional details as we develop a strategy and plan for the season.


Gardening While Social Distancing


The season has just begun, with months of masks ahead. We have cleared three hurdles thus far…seeding, transplanting, and planting. We have already discovered that it is challenging to convince kids to social distance. They drift into little clusters no matter how frequently you remind them to stay 6-feet apart. Frankly, the adults aren’t much better. Whereas the mask is uncomfortable now, it will feel like suffocating in the summer heat.


Fortunately, we have a brief window of time between planting and the first rounds of weeding. Due to challenges associated with maintaining distance, we didn’t cover the tomatoes with row cover this year. We may lose more of them to curly top virus, but it is a risk we have to take given the alternatives.


We are discussing whether we will be able to hold work sessions like we have in the past. Currently there are no work sessions scheduled. However, if we opt to announce work sessions, they will be posted on the Event Page and on the Seed2Need Facebook page, including details about safety procedures and protocol.


Masks at the Garden


We are wearing masks and gloves at the garden, though the risk outside is considerably lower than indoors. We have a wash station by the shed/scales. Given the rapidly evolving nature of covid-19, we will be updating this article as the situation evolves.

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