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Friday, April 12, 2024

Upcoming Work Sessions

Gleaning sessions will be added to the calendar when they are confirmed.

Photographer – Leah Rocco
Work sessions are Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from July – September. We start at 8 AM in May, June, and late September onward. However, we move the time up to 7 AM by late June or early July to avoid heat. Typically we don’t need to meet three times a week in June, because the main focus is garden maintenance and weeding.

Upcoming Events

Once we establish the work schedule, each work session and gleaning opportunity will be added to the events section of the website. If there aren’t any events list currently, they will be added as dates/times are decided. Additionally, we will post about upcoming work sessions on the Seed2Need Facebook Page. If you want to make sure you receive notification, sign up for the mailing list.

Scheduling Groups

If you are part of a church group, school group, or community service group, please contact us prior to coming out, particularly if you are part of a large group. Gleaning in the fall is ideal for larger group, but we typically don’t know when the fruit will ripen until later in the summer or early fall. Email seed2need@gmail.com or sent a query using the contact form to the right.

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