2019 Year End Report (PDF Download)


Highlights: Weather – 2019 was a difficult weather year. In April we had a hard frost that reduced our fruit harvest from 48,333 pounds in 2018 to 31,467 pounds in 2019 and in May the average temperature in Corrales was 9 degrees cooler than in 2018. That slowed plant growth. Once the weather warmed up, it turned hot almost overnight. During our peak tomato harvest which is in August and September, the average temperature was 2 degrees higher than in 2018. That affected fruit set on the tomatoes as well as the length of time it took the tomatoes to ripen.


2018 Year End Report (PDF Download)


Highlights: 2018 was an extraordinary year. Thanks to a mild spring, no late frosts and some much needed rain during our summer “monsoon” season, we had a record harvest. We donated a total of 87,935 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables.

2017 Year End Report (PDF Download)

Highlights: In 2016, we had a poor tomato harvest because it was hot and tomatoes do not set fruit once the temperature exceeds 85 degrees. We addressed this problem in 2017 by planting twelve tomato varieties that were developed to withstand high heat. These varieties set fruit despite the high temperature and we harvested 18,988 pounds in 2017 compared to 15,898 pounds in 2016. However, the tomatoes were slow to ripen. When we had our first hard frost in October, the vines were still covered with large, green tomatoes.


2015 Year End Report (PDF Download)


Highlights: Covering the squash and cucumbers allowed us to harvest before the squash bugs killed the plants. We added a 3rd garden. Tomatoes were disappointing, but working with local orchards offset the shortage resulting in our best year ever.


2014 Year End Report (PDF Download)


Highlights: We got the root knot nematodes and broad leaf weeds under control and built a shed on site for storage of equipment. The squash bugs annihilated all squash, melons and cucumbers. We also experienced herbicide damage.

2013 Year End Report (PDF Download)


Highlights: A disappointing year due to drought, hail and root knot nematodes. The greenhouse was completed. We purchased a plastic mulch layer for the tractor. Keep New Mexico Beautiful gave us a grant to plant an orchard


2012 Year End Report (PDF Download)


Highlights: Officially became a 501(c)3. Harvested a bumper crop of fruit, resulting in the implementation of gleaning as an ongoing initiative. Built a greenhouse. Donated 65,238 pounds of produce to 15 pantries.


2011 Year End Report (PDF Download)


Highlights: 45,400 pounds of vegetables donated to 10 food pantries and 1 soup kitchen, representing almost 15,000 pounds over the 2010 total of 30,701 pounds donated.


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